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Introducing the Neubie
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How can it help?

Grow Faster

The use of the Neubie can help optimize muscle growth in a shorter amount of time. It is offered to anyone that wants to take their workouts to the next level. The intensity can be high at times but as long as you're able to work through the pain, you will see incredible results.

Heal Quicker

If you or anyone you know is recovering from an injury or suffering from chronic pain, the Neubie can help heal almost any injury in half of the time compared to regular physical therapy.

Decrease Pain

The Neubie helps prevent further injury by increasing strength, blood flow, and circulation. It has also been proven to reduce pain. It can pin point exacly where your pain is coming from with it's advanced technology.

What is the Neubie?

A Revolutionary Machine

The Neubie is a FDA approved and patented device that specializes in electro muscle stimulation. It is different from all other electronic stimulation machines because it uses a direct current (DC) instead of an alternating current (AC). The effects the machine has on the body is very unique. It helps to promote healing in the body’s tissues and the nervous system. With the use of the Neubie and the Neufit system protocols, practitioners can provide neuromuscular “re-education.” Direct current is better than alternating current because it provides various beneficial biological effects. Direct current has been proven to accelerate the processes of healing, repairing, and regeneration through the body’s own physiological patterns.

Even with all of this proven information on direct current and how it is so much better for your body, many people will still go with alternating current because it is the lower cost option out of the two. Majority of these alternating current devices are easier to make and get your hands on, and many people do not know the different between the two currents and how much more beneficial direct is for the muscles and nervous/neuromuscular system. The Neubie and the NeuFit System work together for ultimate neuromuscular enhancement and provide maximum positive effects on muscle tissue. With mass amounts of new research done on the NeuFit system, it has shown that electrical muscle stimulation can affect reflexive patterns, such as brain activity, muscle output, and pain.

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Research done by Clair, J.M., Okuma, Y., Misiaszek, J.E., Collins, D.F. shows that the Neubie is able to, “Reflex pathways connecting receptors in the human lower leg to the erector spinae muscles of the lower back.” This information can be life changing for people that are paralyzed from the waist down and/or all over. The Neubie is able to reconnect pathways that have been shut off for years or even a lifetime. Another difference with the Neubie and the Neufit System is that they require whoever is using it to be active rather than passive. What this means is that instead of lying down and passively taking the Alternating Current, you are able to move around, exercise, and weightlift with the direct current. The Neubie is unique in this way because it actually allows and promotes movement throughout the body. While exercising with or without weights, the Neubie allows for optimal, intense contractions, which has been proven by research to be a critical factor in effective rehabilitation.

Who can benefit?

Everyone! Even children!.

The use of the Neubie is very popular among athletes and body builders because of how frequent they succumb to injuries. Many of the injuries athletes face happen to be because of low neuromuscular control, this means that there is a shortage in ones’ strength and coordination. With every move we make, a force is placed upon our bodies. Our muscles have to be able to adapt and endure enough to protect the rest of the body. Majority of the time our muscles are working properly and protecting our bodies from injury. But when high force and trauma accidents happen, our muscles aren’t strong enough to handle all of that placed upon force. Now this causes that force to be transferred to cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and all other tissues, which can now cause severe damage and pain throughout the whole body. Since we know that muscles are controlled by the nervous system , it leads back to the fact that these injuries are also due to an incorrect neurological energizing pattern. With the use of the Neubie, practitioners can provide an efficient method of” re-educating” the muscles optimizing maximum correct function. When the Neubit and NeuFit system work together it’s almost like magic going on throughout the body. It increases blood flow therefore injuries heal much quicker than they regularly would.
Through years of research on the human body and how it handles and reacts to pain, scientists now know more about the origins of pain in the body. It turns out that pain is not actually experienced in the body, but all inside the brain. According to Medical Dictionary.com, the definition of pain, “is an unpleasant feeling that is conveyed to the brain by sensory neurons.” Basically saying, everything depends on the nervous system. Whether you or someone you know is dealing with minor pain or suffering from a severe injury, the Neubie can help alleviate that pain and heal your body quicker than just regular physical therapy. It will help heal the body quicker because of the intense Direct Current working from the brain to the muscles at 1000x the regular speed. The Neubie also has a “Mapping Mode” feature, where a practitioner will gently go over your effected body parts with a pad to help find the root of where the pain is coming from. Once it goes over a “hot spot” your muscles will start to spasm therefore showing exactly where there is a deficiency. Los Angeles

Fun Facts!

See who is using Neubie!

Fun facts about the neubie is that it is spreading rapidly across the world! Celebrities such as America Ferrera, Eva Longoria, and Scott Eastwood have benefited from their training using the Neubie. With celebrity endorsements like these, the demand of the Neubie has significantly increased. People want to do what they see their favorite people doing. These celebs have only said great things about the machine. When preparing for a movie, many actors do all they possibly can to get "in shape" for that role; using the neubie is the most time efficient way to prepare their bodies.
The Neubie is used by a number of major league baseball teams, such as the Mets, the New York Giants, and the team that just won the World Series, The Washington Nationals! It is only growing more and more everyday. People finding out how incredible this machine is helping the Neubie spread to people who desperately need it. Los Angeles

Where can I find the Neubie?

The Neubie is offered all over the United States!

The neubie is offered all over the United states. Just in Texas there is over 20 different locations! There are clinics and gyms in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Whether you want to preform better in the fitness world, reduce chronic pain, or prevent injuries from happening, the Neubie is worth exploring. Los Angeles
Now in the United States, 27 different states offer training and rehabilitation with the Neubie. From Arizona, to Montana, California to Connecticut, and Kansas to Florida, there is somewhere you can always train with the Neubie in the U.S. Neufit technicians are popping up everywhere and if you seem to find interest in becoming a practitioner, head over to the head quarters in Austin Texas, to become apart of the fast growing team!.