As cliché as it sounds, music is my life, my passion, and motivation for anything in life. Whether it’s getting ready to go to class, workout, or really any activity, I always need my music playing. I love all genres, I could care a little less for the heavy death metal and super country songs. But, Sullivan King is the only exception I have for screamo music. My playlist consists of reggeaton, hip-hop, rap, EDM, house, alternative, country, R/B, soul, 2000's Disney songs, and much more. If you can’t bounce around from genre to genre, we probably wouldn’t have much fun together.

Like I said on my home page, I’m always looking forward to the next music festival or concert. My all-time favorite festival was called Middle Lands, a 3 day EDM rave in the middle of a forest outside of Houston, Texas. It was absolutely beautiful; the stages were the biggest I’ve seen, and the production and costumes were something out of a fairytale. In 2017, it was the first and only time Middle Lands would be a thing. Sadly, the neighbors complained about the noise, and there were over 5 overdoses, therefore, ending in the cancellation of Middle Lands. (insert crying emoji)

Other than festivals, I get most of my joy from creating and sharing playlists with others. Introducing people to new music and finding new artists to listen to fills me with elation. Ever since I was young, I was always the one in my family to create dances and preform in front of an audience. My whole life I was in dance classes up until a few years ago when I decided to quit, it was always be one of my biggest regrets but I like to live by the quote, “everything happens for a reason.” 2 years ago I recently found myself in the “EDM” scene, and that opened doors to a dance style I love and am passionate about now, called shuffling. Shuffle is a type of dance that basically requires fast movements and a lot of footwork. I’ve met so many people through the dance and shared passion.

This is me at middlelands